We are Impolite Design, a tiny team with a lot of heart and some very honest opinions. We may be small (right now) but we’re definitely mighty. Founded during lockdown and encouraged by some amazing customers, we design, pour and pack every single one of our natural soy wax candles and bloody love every minute of it.


We strive to stay classy; we insist on being honest and we can’t wait to share our sweary positivity with you.

- Jenni Trimlett, founder of Impolite Design 


Bold, empowering honesty

When we started in a dining room in Northamptonshire, our vision was to make gorgeous homeware products rooted in straight-talking positivity. We wanted to be that little voice spurring you on, telling you how it is and occasionally reminding you to keep it together. You know those friends that see your flaws, feel your mood and love you anyway? The ones that call you out and tell you to get your arse in gear? That’s us. That’s how we support each other every day and that undeniable, slightly funny, occasionally dramatic positivity is exactly what Impolite Design is all about.


Sustainable at heart

Our affirmation candles aren’t just gorgeous, they’re the start of our journey and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. Wherever we go, quality and sustainability will take the lead – our products are important to us. So, we will always use the best ingredients we can find and produce our products right here in the UK, by hand as much as possible. We will always work hard to keep everything cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, and importantly, we’ll always look for ways to improve. 

Already since launching we’ve introduced plastic-free packaging, biodegradable packing puffs (they dissolve in water, it’s awesome) and seeded dust covers encouraging all our amazing customers to reuse their jars by growing British wildflowers in them. We’re working on making sure every part of our candles are vegan friendly and all our fragrance oils are officially paraben free.


Sexy AF candles, each one full to the brim with positive vibes and our classic touch of impoliteness. Shop the entire collection now.