Handmade Candle Gifts Under £20 UK Scented Christmas Soy Wax Melts Stocking Fillers Bestie Mum Girlfriend Fiance Wife Auntie Sister Best Friend Lady Girl

Handmade Christmas Candle Gifts and Stocking Fillers under £20

It's time for some serious Christmas shopping! Whether you're browsing for your BFF or searching for that perfect, meaningful gift for your partner, we've got the ideal handmade scented treat just for you.

Along with our range of handmade soy wax scented candle gifts; new for 2021 we've launched our entire scent collection in wax melts too! Not to mention our mini travel sized candles now available individually and our classy AF bottles of coloured matches - all under £20.

With free UK delivery when you spend over £50, you might as well just get all your presents from us...right?


When it comes to gifts, it's all about that personal message, so for this Christmas, we are offering a free gift card printed message service, available during checkout. You can select to 'add a gift message' and we'll print it onto one of our gorgeous gift cards and include in your package.

Questions? You can contact us online for product queries and wholesale enquiries to be come a partner stockist.

Vegan Scented Handmade Soy Wax Melts

Soy Wax Melts are the latest addition to our product range, from zesty, uplifting scents like 'It's Time to be Happy', 'Yes You Fucking Can' or 'You Are Fucking Lovely', to bold, deeper fragrances, perfect for winter, like 'You Beautiful Bitch', 'You've Got This' and 'This Is How It Starts'. We always use natural soy wax, environmentally friendly packaging and the very finest blend of fragrance oils, which are all 100% paraben free and vegan friendly. 

Our soy wax melts are presented in black reusable and recyclable boxes and at £4.50 for 60 hours of fragrance, they make a great stocking filler and secret Santa present!

Christmas Candle Gifts - You're loving our handmade scented candles!

Our 2021 bestsellers, and the fragrances you've been loving the most, have been positive, confident and meaningful -  You Beautiful Bitch and You've Got This. We like to think sending a scented candle gift can give someone joy, especially when the message reads "It's Time To Be Happy".

All 14 of our signature scents are available now as mini votive travel candles and matching wax melts, hand wrapped and presented in stylish, reusable, black boxes. All under £20!


Scented Candles and Wax Melts in 14 Signature Fragrance Blends

Our candles are available to buy in 3 different sizes, mini £10, medium £18 (30-40 hours burn time ) and Large (40-50 hours burning time, plus a wildflower seeded candle dust cover) for £22.

Candle Scents
You are fucking lovely - Brazilian orange and bergamot
Let all that shit go - Sea salt and driftwood         
It's time to be happy - Sicilian lemon and eucalyptus         
Yes you fucking can - Citrus and basil         
Organised AF - Coffee and vanilla         
Chill the fuck out - Plum and rhubarb         
There is so much love for you - Sweet clementine         
You beautiful bitch - Lemon, cinnamon and whisky         
You've got this - Sandalwood and vanilla         
You do you - Blackberry and bay leaf         
We will move onward - Peony and oud         
This is how it starts - Wild fig and sandalwood         
Keep your shit together - Thai lime and coconut         
Take a breath - Rose and lavender

Handmade Candle Gifts Under £20 UK Scented Christmas Soy Wax Melts Ladies Ethical Sustainable Great Britain England Impolite Design

Wax Melts Scents
We will move onward - Peony & Oud soy wax melts        
There's so much love for you - Sweet Clementine          
You've Got This - Sandalwood and vanilla          
You are fucking lovely - Orange & Bergamot          
Yes you fucking can - Citrus and Basil          
This is how to starts - Fig & Sandalwood          
Keep your shit together - Coconut & lime          
Take A Breath - Rose and lavender          
You Do You - Blackberry and bay leaf          
Organised AF - Coffee & Vanilla          
Let all that shit go - Sea Salt & Driftwood          
It's time to be happy - Lemon and eucalyptus          
You Beautiful Bitch - Whisky          
Chill the fuck out - Plum and rhubarb

Christmas stocking Fillers Lady Girlfriend Candle Gifts Under £20  Soy Wax Melts Handmade UK Scented Ethical Sustainable Gifts Ladies Love

Sustainable Candle Gifts for Christmas

When choosing scented candle gifts and wax melts, buy from a brand with the planet at heart. Our candles are cruelty free, sustainable and as natural as possible by using vegan soy wax. We always use recyclable packaging, reusable pots and our large candles include free candle dust covers with wildflower seeds pressed into the paper.

Happy shopping!

October 19, 2021 — Nina Payne
Seasonal handmade candle scents for Autumn

Seasonal handmade candle scents for Autumn

It's candle season! Find the perfect Autumn scent from our collection of handmade soy wax scented candles and wax melts
October 05, 2021 — Jenni Trimlett
Handmade Candle Gifts - Christmas Presents, Find The Perfect Scent

Handmade Candle Gifts - Christmas Presents, Find The Perfect Scent

Handmade Scented Candle Christmas Gifts

Find the perfect handmade, meaningful and unique candle gift for friends and family this Christmas, we have a scent for everyone. Whoever you're buying for, we've got the perfect gift right here.

To buy any of the candles below, simply click the photo (or tap the image on mobile) to be taken to the product in our store.

Looking for the perfect gift? Maybe you're after a small little something for a Secret Santa present, or a stylish, contemporary piece of homeware for your Mum? Maybe it's all about your BFF and they need some major positivity right now?


A little something for Mum
Double scented candle gift set £48
Candles have now become an integral part of every modern home. They make the ideal ornament but they also give the room a certain personality which is why they are so popular. Our monochrome collection of soy wax, clean burning, scented candles and wax melts are a top trending gift this Christmas!

Trio of Scented Candles - Best Friend Christmas Gift

Scented candle trio gift set: Find Your Strength £28

Whether you are looking for scented candle Christmas gifts or the perfect gift for your best friend, girlfriend, wife or other BFF special lady in your life, then we have you covered!

We could all use a confidence boost any time of the year, here at Impolite Design, we created these exclusive messages of strength and confidence to evoke a positive mindset when gifted to others. 

You are fucking lovely: Brazilian Orange & Bergamot, from £10

Luxury Handmade Candles - Uplifting Zest Scents

When it comes to handmade scented candles, there really is something for everyone. The “You are Fucking Lovely” candle comes with Brazilian Orange and Bergamot which means you can fill your home stunning scents that deliver an uplifting aroma with a touch of luxury and class. These amazing handmade soy wax scented candles UK are the ideal gift for someone who does appreciate the finer things in life. Or, just whisky...

You beautiful bitch: Whisky, from £10
If you want something strong, powerful and completely beautiful, then our Whisky flavoured “ You Beautiful Bitch” makes for the ideal gift. It’s perfect for that special person in your life, regardless of whether it’s your wife, that marvellous neighbour who is looking after the cats over Christmas - or a work colleague that brightens your day, all day long.
That classy scent creates an elegant vibe that oozes style and charm. When it comes to handmade soy wax Christmas gifts from right here in the UK, this really is the one.
Something special for your partner
This is how it starts: Wild fig & sandalwood, from £10
Luxury scented candle and wick trimmer gift set £34
Small but mighty Secret Santa presents
Organised AF: coffee and vanilla, mini candle £10

Coffee Scented Candles with Vanilla Notes

That perfect blend of our coffee fragance with vanilla makes for the ideal handmade scented candle gift this Christmas. Powerful yet luxurious, it’s the ideal companion during those long hours working at home or simply trying to get everything done! Whatever it might be, this stunning scent really does pack a perfectly powerful punch.

You Beautiful Bitch: Whisky wax melts £4.50
Extra little stocking fillers
We will move onward: Peony & oud wax melts £4.50
Let all that shit go: Sea salt & driftwood wax melts £4.50
A gift for every candle lover
Ultimate Scented Candle gift set £56
Remember to buy candle accessories
Stainless steel black wick trimmers £12
The perfect match: Bottle of 100 white extra long safety matches £16
Something for the sweary people in your life
Chill the fuck out: Plum & rhubarb, from £10

Christmas is a time to chill out and enjoy time with loved ones. So, if you want someone you love to take things easy, then try our handmade scented candle  “Chill the Fuck Out” 

The notes of plum and rhubarb are ideal for kicking back and enjoying the festive period in style. A scent that transforms any space, getting back to work after Christmas might prove a challenge after spending time around this relaxing blend of ingredients!

Yes you fucking can: Citrus & basil, from £10
Relaxing gifts for not so relaxed people
Take a breath, rose & lavender, from £10
Its time to be happy: Lemon & Eucalyptus, from £10

Lemon and Eucalyptus Scented Handmade Candles

Our exclusive “It’s Time to be Happy” candle is all about lifting those spirits and giving you the urge to enjoy life and what it’s all about.
Packed with lemon and eucalyptus, this stunning candle is going to transform your home and your headspace wellbeing - live life to the full in 2022
Positive gifts to hit the new year in style
Keep your shit together: Lime & coconut, from £10
Scented candle trio gift set: Be bold, be you £28

 Handmade Fragranced Wax Melts and Exclusive Vegan Soy Wax Scented Candles

Along with our range of handmade soy wax scented candle gifts; new for 2021 we've launched our entire scent collection in wax melts too! Not to mention our mini travel sized candles now available individually and our classy AF bottles of coloured matches - all under £20.
With free UK delivery when you spend over £50, you can fill your winter boots with our range of products, from the Gifts £20 and Under range, to New Arrivals.

Ethical and Sustainable Handmade Candle Gifts

Yes, we love classy swearing every now and again. We are also strongly in favour of protecting the planet on which we all live together. With that in mind, we believe in sustainability. It’s important that everyone plays their part in making our planet a better place. Therefore, we place a focus on eco-friendly products and packaging during the manufacturing process.
All of our ingredients and materials we use are reliably sourced, so when it comes to finding the perfect scented candle stocking filler, we are confident that our handmade candles are not just ethical but they also look damn good.
July 22, 2021 — Jenni Trimlett
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