It's officially candle season! The evenings are getting darker, the weather is definitely getting colder and that fluffy blanket you've had your eye on is calling to you. What better way to cosy up then with a gorgeous handmade scented candle flickering quietly in the corner, filling your home with the perfect Autumn scent.

Prefer wax melts? All our scents are now available as beautifully packaged soy wax melts too!


Cosy and warming, this Sandalwood and Vanilla fragrance is the ultimate comforting scent for your home.


Bold, spicy and wonderful, our Whisky scented soy wax candle is reminiscent of a single malt in the most fabulous way.


Need a bit of help waking up in the mornings? Our soy wax handmade coffee and vanilla scented candles and wax melts might just be the perfect scent for you.


Autumn isn't autumn without some Sandalwood in your life and our Wild Fig and Sandalwood soy wax scented wax melts don't disappoint! Lightly sweet with a deep, woody base, we are officially obsessed.


Floral, spicy and enticing, our Peony and Oud scent is available as a scented candle and soy wax melts.


All our large candles include a free wildflower seeded dust cover so you can reuse your jar as a beautiful vase when the candle is finished. 
Our wax melts are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes, free from plastic and pretty damn classy, if we do say so ourselves. 


October 05, 2021 — Jenni Trimlett