Introducing our beautiful new seeded grow paper dust covers. Full of British wildflowers, ready to grow in your used Impolite Design candle jars.



Making our products as sustainable as possible has always been important to us, right from the start. We chose a lot of our suppliers based on this - from natural wax, specially selected fragance oils, even down to our packaging where we use biodegradable 'puffs' (as we call them) to protect each and every candle during shipping.

The one part we couldnt quite figure out was the jars. We love our new black glass jars but felt like it was such a waste to see them thrown away or recycled after the candles were burnt through. So, we've worked with some very lovely people to create special dust covers for our large sized candles, which are pre-seeded with British wildflowers.

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This means that once the candle is finished, you just wash out the jar and put the dust cover at the bottom along with some soil and a touch of water. Pop it in the sunshine and very soon you'll have georgous wildflowers growing in your new mini vase! 

They're only available on our larger candles for now but we're hoping to bring them in across our entire collection soon enough and it is our Impolite promise that the flowers will be bloody beautiful. 

March 23, 2021 — Jenni Trimlett