Our Handmade Candles are full of Positive vibes and a bit Sweary

We swear, but we’re classy about it. You’ll have probably noticed by now that some of our products have swear words on them. You also might be wondering why we only subtly mention it here and there rather than shouting about it as some sort of unique selling point for our candles.

Positivity gifts with affirmations and swear words

Why do we like swearing? We feel there are 3 basic purposes to swear words:

  1. To express contempt
  2. Express wonder or amazement
  3. To emphasise and give strength or approval to a message.


We are Impolite Design and we swear to empower our positive affirmations, but we’re classy about it. Our candles and homeware make great, meaningful gifts and are perfect for ‘treat yourself’ moments. Some of our affirmations are funny, some are strong and bold, and some are just kind nudges in the right direction. All of them are fucking positive and we love it.

It all comes down to how you feel about something.

You may want to use a swear word in a particular situation because it makes you feel good or improves your mood. Or you may be looking for a way to strengthen your message and be purposely bold with your language.

Positive handmade soy wax scented candle gifts made in the UK

We’re big fans of bold. Our handmade products are rooted in straight-talking, honest positivity. Spend £50 for free UK delivery.

The affirmations we choose for our soy wax scented candles are ones we’ve used in our own lives, such as:

You are fucking lovely
You beautiful bitch
Chill the fuck out
It's time to be happy
Let all that shit go
Organised AF
Yes you fucking can
Keep your shit together

We’ve told them to our friends and family, we’ve listened to them ourselves and they are powerful, meaningful words of encouragement.

So we swear because it is a kind of language we use to express ourselves. We emphatically believe in our affirmation candles, and they aren’t just gorgeous, they also feature seeded grow paper dust covers ready to grow wildflowers in your used Impolite Design candle jars.


Wherever we go, quality and sustainability will take the lead – our products are important to us. So, we will always use the best ingredients we can find and produce our products right here in the UK, by hand as much as possible. We will always work hard to keep everything cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, and importantly, we’ll always look for ways to improve.

It's all about classy swearing

It is a part of our personal branding and style and we swear because it's a way of showing the power in our words and why we stand by them. We call this Classy Swearing and it’s a big deal at Impolite Design.

When we choose a new name for a product, write social posts or film videos - anything we do, we always have Classy Swearing in mind.

Are we swearing for the sake of it or does it empower our message and strike the tone we know and love? Swearing is a natural form of communication when you think about it - almost as natural as supportive affirmations. Whether it’s in person, on a phone call, or in text - people get animated when they are excited or supportive or when they believe in something. Swearing encapsulates this and can take people out of their comfort zone so they actually listen to what you’re saying. Which when you’re talking about positivity and positive affirmations, is a big deal.

Positive message handmade scented candle gifts


Ultimately, we swear because it’s how we form bonds and relationships with people and how we inspire others.

One tiny downside is that we endure not being able to advertise most of our favourite products on social media and we deal with the awkward questions about removing swear words for specific orders (not something we’re going to be doing anytime soon). All because we honestly would rather be ourselves and promote positivity in a way we believe in. It is definitely worth it.

July 19, 2020 — Nina Payne