There is so much love for you - Sweet clementine scented candle

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There Is So Much Love For You.

You heard us, there isn't just love for you, there is SO much fucking love for you. We're not exactly sure who it is that loves you, or why (we assume you're a really awesome and lovely person) but we 100% trust their judgement. Of course you're loved. And obviously a classy AF candle with a sweet and joyful scent is the best possible way to show that. Good choice.  

Also, if you're dating someone and need a birthday/valentine/please don't leave me yet gift, you can put Google down now. This is for you.


Large size | 40-50 hours burn time 

Medium size | 30-40 hours burn time 

Small | 15-20 hours burn time

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A little extra

Our large sized candles come with a free seeded dust cover, so once you've finished burning it, you can grow lovely British wildflowers right there in the jar.


We're nice to the planet

Gorgeous scents, positive energy and sustainable at heart.

Our candles are handmade in the UK with natural soy wax, clean-burning cotton wicks and specially selected, paraben free fragrance oils. We always use environmentally friendly packaging and recyclable glass.